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Its not the time to put investment plans to the back burner. It is necessary to see not only bad, but also the good in a crisis One of the obvious lessons of the crisis we need investments into efficiency, into infrastructure, into small and average projects which can change the structure of our economy, to raise its efficiency."
E. Nabiullina, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Mission Statement of the National Council for Investment Climate Development

The Council’s mission is to fosterthe development of an efficient market economy in Russia and the improvement of the investment climate in Russia, through the promotion of the interests of investors, businesses and entrepreneurs. Better investment climate means more investments into the Russian economy, which shall result in the improvement of the standard of living for Russian citizens.

Objective of the National Council for Investment Climate Development

The National Council for Investment Climate Development is an independent, non-profit entity. It works with all concerned parties and stakeholders, including state authorities and foreign investors, to analyze the business environment in order to create concepts and specific proposals to improve the investment climate in Russia.

The Council consists of financial market specialists with substantial knowledge and experience on Russian business environment and economic development, all of whom are dedicated to promote the views in their workplaces and through wider community involvement.

The Council provides a platform for discussing investment climate issues and also holds actively participation inforums, meetings and seminars to consider ideas and develop proposals. Developments, activities, events and decisions affecting the Russian economy are analyzed and their impact monitored. The results of the Councils proposals and activities, which have an impact on the general investment climate are assessed for effectiveness.

The Council advises foreign investors regarding risks associated with investing in Russia as well as advising Russian companies and state authorities on how to attract investments and improve investment climate in the country.

While studying and promoting interests of institutional investors, the Council coordinates their efforts as well as promotes Russia as an attractive investment regionwithin the international business community.

The Councils primary activities are structured to support fundraising for direct investment into Russia and for Russian strategic outward investments abroad.

Mission of NCICD

  • A competitive market economy, with freedom of doing business in Russia in a fair and open way. Free enterprise, protection of investments and property rights, sanctity of contract

  • Modernisation of Russian economy through attraction of foreign investments and unlocking the full creative potential of Russian people

  • Social responsibility and better accountability of government officials and entrepreneurs through dialogue and better transparency

  • Improving the standard of living for Russian citizens and wellbeing of international experts working in Russia

Structure of the National Council for Investment Climate Development


Council for Investment Climate Development, 2011

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